Our Story

Who We Are

Sealand Building Group is construction and building services company focused on Food Processing | Cold Storage | Distribution.

Since 1975, we have worked around the corner and across the country helping build the Food industry. Driven by our strong core values, we feel business is personal. We have a desire to give and be rooted in our community. We want to have a go at it, have fun doing it and make a difference.

Our Roots

Sealand is a privately owned Canadian company established in 1975. Founded and operated by the Murchison family since conception, Sealand has successfully completed over 700 projects for the Food Processing | Cold Storage | Distribution sectors.

Today Sealand is lead operationally by Bruce Murchison with Howard Murchison still involved on a daily basis. Based in Atlantic Canada, Sealand has offices in Hammonds Plains, NS and Stanley Bridge, PE.

Our Approach

At Sealand, we believe our formula for success is simple.

First focus on relationships with everybody involved – customers, employees, consultants, trade contractors and suppliers. For us business is personal. Relationships are driven by our commitment to treating people the way we would like to be treated ourselves. Everyday.

Our second focus is do the right thing. For every project, every stakeholder, every daily interaction we want to focus on doing the right thing. By quietly focusing on doing the right thing, success will follow for everybody involved with Sealand.

Know. Like. Trust

Sealand is known for building the best. Our reputation is based on it and our team is driven by this expectation every day. It has also created a company belief that exceptional project delivery is an obsession, not an option. This obsession is reinforced by a proven reputation for delivering successful projects on time and on budget for hundreds of projects in our 40 years.

Word and Handshake

Sealand is driven by strong core values. We have always been about the way things ought to be done. A company based on respect, honesty, and integrity. A company where there is no difference between what is said and what is done. Your word and a handshake. This leads us to the right fit. Whether it is a new team member or a new customer. Alignment of core values is an absolute for success.

Our Partners

We value our fellow members and work hard to educate, network and collaborate with our industry. Having a voice in the growth of our industry’s practices, policies and procedures is important to us.

Going Forward

Today Sealand continues to focus on being a better business. A company that our customers can feel good about working with. Learning every day, we strive to think big and do the right thing. We know that our goal is to be a purpose-driven, person-focused, community oriented and environmentally responsible company.

Share the Good. Do the Right Thing. Build to Last. Think Big.


66 Temple Terrace, Lwr Sackville, NS  B4C 0A7