Health + Safety + Environment

Responsible construction.

Safety and sustainability are not just elements we try to incorporate; they're how we operate.

Sealand’s safety vision is that Everyone Gets Home Safely.

Our mission is to be a building leader in the Canadian marketplace that achieves a level of safety performance that results in an injury free work environment so that every member of the Sealand family gets home safely.

The Sealand Home Safe program is based on six pillars:

  • Company Wide Vision - Everyone Home Safely
  • Top Down Engagement in the Program
  • Proactive and Learning Focused
  • Clearly Defined and Linked Performance Indicators
  • Recognition of Positive Behavior and Performance
  • Focused Targets and Methods of Reporting

These six pillars maintain sure and steady support for Sealand’s positive Safety Culture. The pillars act as principles that guide our day to day decisions, management priorities, and future changes to the Sealand Safety Program. This means our Safety Culture is never compromised; if we cannot do it safely, we will not do it.

The Sealand HSE Program is Industry Leading

Safety is a journey. The Sealand Team will always look for opportunities to improve our safety culture and program. We are continuously learning and engaging our employees in an effort to create a safe work place.

This ensures our safety program is progressive and innovative in comparison to our competitors. We never stand still and continuously improve. Particular components of our safety program that enable us to maintain an industry leading rating are:

  • Multi-faceted observational systems
  • The consistent use of technology in the field integrated to the office
  • Linked leading and lagging data reporting
  • Internal safety audit programs
  • Learning from incident formal processes
  • Training and competency systems for workers and supervisors
  • Positive reinforcement systems that promote safe work habits

We’re Proud of our Certifications

We consistently update our certifications and earn new ones in a bid to improve our value to you, the client, and to the overall construction industry. We do our homework and we’re at the top of the class. It’s one more way we work hard for you.


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